Aromatherapy Massage has been used for millennia on many conditions.  In today’s modern, hectic society, it is a useful treatment for everyday aches and pains, stresses and strains, and can be a beneficial addition to maintain and support health and wellbeing. Studies have shown that touch can help to decrease our blood pressure and heart rate, soothe our nerves and decrease tension, producing relaxation and a state of well-being. It has been suggested that massage may aid the production of the brain’s chemicals that function as natural painkillers, reducing pain and producing a state of mind akin to euphoria.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils which are actually the organic essences of aromatic plants. They are very concentrated and each oil possesses its own individual therapeutic properties and fragrance. Used in combination with a nourishing carrier oil, the essential oils are massaged into the skin and the aroma is simultaneously inhaled. As a result, they penetrate deep into the tissues and circulatory system. During an Aromatherapy treatment, several essential oils may be combined in a synergistic blend so that the combined use of the oils produces a greater beneficial effect than just one oil used alone.

Essential oil with rosemary

Aromatherapy massage helps to promote a more balanced lifestyle so that there is less likelihood of succumbing to everyday illness and the effects of modern-day stress. A balanced state of mind also promotes vitality and a greater ability to cope with potentially difficult events.

Treatment costs until the end of August 2018:

40 mins treatment – £28

1 hour treatment – £35

Full body treatment (1hr 15 mins) – £42

Massage/Reflexology (60 mins) – £32

Massage/Reflexology (100 mins) – £45


Treatment costs from the 1st September 2018:

40 mins treatment – £30

1 hour treatment – £40

Full body treatment (1hr 15 mins) – £45

Massage/Reflexology (60 mins)  – £35

Massage/Reflexology (100 mins)  – £50