Candle-ing is a safe non-invasive therapy whereby a hollow ‘candle’ is applied to the ears. It is an ancient and entirely natural therapy with roots in the civilisations of ancient Greece, where it was used for cleansing, purifying and healing both on the spiritual and practical level. It is useful for ear, nose and throat problems such as tinnitus, excessive ear wax, glue ear, hay fever, eczema, sinusitis and rhinitis and asthma.

The sound of the flame creates a vibration that travels through the ear candle penetrating the eardrum which in turn vibrates the inner ear bones at such a frequency it is like an inner ear massage. This then pushes further into the eustachian tubes and the sinuses helping to push out any blocked pressure.

The heat from the ear candle and the vibration help to soften and break up any ear wax or mucus that is blocking the head and ears, and once broken down the body finds it easier to flush the waste through the lymphatic system. This treatment is therefore detoxifying, and is still working in the body up to 48 hours after the treatment. There is also the added benefit of the herbal essences within the ear candle transferring through the skin and into the blood stream helping to relax and calm you. Furthermore, the whole ceremony brings a wonderful relaxation, a deep sense of security and a feeling of happiness, which is seldom experienced in the world we live in today.

Treatment Costs:

Hopi Ear Candles including face and head massage (60 mins) £28