Mindfulness workshops

I will be holding my next Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course at Syerston Village Hall starting Thursday 20th September at 6.30pm

This 8-week course includes formal meditations, short guided practices and information on how to introduce mindfulness into your everyday life. It also includes an additional session of ‘Silent’ mindfulness for free. Please be aware this is not a therapy group but an evidence-based education programme.

What is Mindfulness?

Our lives can be hectic, exhausting and stressful or lived in chronic pain – but it need not always be this way. Mindfulness is about moving away from a ‘thinking-based’ way of living into a more direct and immediate connection with our ordinary everyday experience. It involves learning to pay attention to our experiences in the present moment, leaving behind ruminations of the past and worry about the future, helping us to feel a sense of calm and connection with ourselves and those around us. By increasing our awareness, we bring about choices, enabling us to gain more control over all aspects of our busy daily lives, thereby optimising our physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.  Research has shown Mindfulness can help people cope with a wide range of problems including both physical and emotional pain, anxiety, panic and other medical symptoms.

Total cost: £150. All sessions will be held at Syerston Village Hall every Thursday 6.30-8.30pm from 20th Sept- 11th Oct, 1st and 8th Nov and 22nd Nov – 6th Dec

Comments from previous courses:

“A very good, useful, practical course combining helpful theory with practical ‘to do’ sessions”

“Julie was very professional and caring….I would recommend her to all”

Please contact me if you are interested as places are limited